Daryl Cohen ע"ה

Daryl was a member of the Board of the Society during five decades. Over much of that time, he served as Honorary Solicitor. The financial stability and success of the Society in the 1980s and 90s and early into this century was largely due to his shrewd judgement of real estate and careful management of funds. 

He served as President for ten years from 2003 until 2013.

Lionel Sharpe OAM ע"ה

Lionel has served as Honorary Secretary of the Society for fifteen years, having been on the Board for some years before that.  Lionel’s duties expanded due to his close involvement with the Jewish Schools Integration Program.  He has overseen the amazing growth of the program and has been a mentor to each of the coordinators employed by the Society to implement this program.  In addition, Lionel assisted with banking and treasury work and took a keen interest in the running of the Posh Opp Shoppes.

Rosalie Silverstein OAM

Rosalie was the driving force in our decision to turn our real estate investments into Opp Shoppes, thereby increasing dramatically our ability to fund the Integration Program.  Over many years now, she has overseen this business, and for this the Society acknowledges her extraordinary input.

Ben Sternfeld OAM ע"ה

Whilst Ben was never a member of our Board he took it upon himself to seek funds for our cause. Over several years, he managed to raise about half a million dollars.  We are indebted to him for his enthusiastic efforts on our behalf. Over many years, Ben was also very active in AJAX Cricket Club, AJAX Football Club,  Maccabi Victoria, Maccabi Australia and St Kilda Hebrew Congregation. 

Ben was patron of JCAS until his passing in September 2019.

Morry Weiskop ע"ה

Morry’s caring and helpful nature touched many people. He had a keen intellect, was friendly and always ready to help others.

He strived to help Alma Sports Club survive for its long standing members. He then turned his efforts to Caulfield Bowls Club. His most recent efforts and devotion were directed to MJCAS. His endeavours went much further than being treasurer and attending meetings. He became involved in many aspects of the charity, solving problems, researching, meeting with various people from lawyers to plumbers.

Rosalie expressed sentiments about his tremendous value to the Posh Opp Shoppe as he was always ready to advise and attend to various matters that arose.

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