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What is the JCAS Mission? 


JCAS’ mission is to support students with special needs to attend Melbourne Jewish day schools and to ensure that they can participate in mainstream classrooms and school life.

Where does my donation go?

We fund the cost of teachers’ assistants and aides which are not covered by government subsidies and other sources. We also provide emergency funding in exceptional circumstances; eg for education of a child requiring prolonged hospitalisation or time away from school due to illness.

What percentage of funds raised go directly towards the cause?


How much does a full-time teacher’s assistant cost?

Upwards of $45,000.

Doesn’t the NDIS pay towards this?

No. The NDIS supports children out of school hours.

Who benefits from JCAS?


The children with special needs and their families are the direct beneficiaries of JCAS’s support, but the whole community also benefits through the shared experience of inclusiveness: a whole generation of school children are educated to embrace difference.

How many children does JCAS help?


Since our current program began in 1990 we have assisted over 1000 children with special needs. This year we expect to assist nearly 252 children across 11 Jewish day schools, including by contributing funding towards over 110  teachers’ assistants.

What is the relationship between JCAS and the Posh Opp Shoppes?

JCAS established and runs the famous Posh Opp Shoppes, through the tireless work of Rosalie Silverstein OAM and her team.

How does JCAS raise funds?


JCAS raises funds from the proceeds of the Posh Opp Shoppes and generous donations from people and businesses in our community – which is why we are so grateful for any donation you can make.

How has COVID-19 impacted JCAS?


JCAS was severely impacted by COVID-19. With the closure of the Posh Opp Shoppes, JCAS lost a major source of its funding. The costs of assisting children with special needs has not decreased and so JCAS desperately needs donations from its supporters at this difficult time, so that it can continue to fulfil its mission and ensure that no child is neglected.

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